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A Passion for Service: Interview with John Parker of JSP Plumbing and Heating

A Passion for Service: Interview with John Parker of JSP Home Services Whether they’re heading out in single digit temps to repair a faulty heating system or roasting in the summer heat to install a client’s air conditioning, John Parker and his team at JSP Plumbing and Heating are dedicated to their craft. With over

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Is Your Heating System Turning Into An Artifact?

Heating season is almost here, especially up here in New York. At JSP Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we are taking the initiative to get our clients ready for the winter chill. We have recently begun calling our VIP service agreement customers and scheduling their annual maintenances to help prevent their heaters from breaking down when

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What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heating has a number of benefits that more traditional forms of residential heating lack. According to the US Department of Energy, radiant heat is typically more efficient and better for people with allergy sensitivities because it doesn’t distribute allergens, unlike forced air systems. Additionally, depending on the type of radiant heating you use, you

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Tips for Saving Money on Plumbing

Read Our Tips On How To Save Money! Plumbing services have the potential to quite quickly turn expensive. What is discovered as one, small issue quickly turns into a much larger project than you may have anticipated. Before you are snowballed into an expensive repair plan with a Kingston plumbing company you cannot trust, our

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Winterizing Your HVAC Unit

If you live in NY, you know the feeling of the sudden onset of winter outside. It is time to turn your HVAC heating unit permanently “on” until spring. However, before you start blasting the heat, you need to know how HVAC maintenance can impact your energy expenses and prolong the life of your HVAC

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Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Having a home comes with tremendous responsibility. It requires more than just paying a mortgage. One of the other aspects you have to look into every once and while is preventive maintenance. If you take certain precautions in this area now, repairs will not be so costly later. Checking The Pipes It is always good

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Should I Replace My Heater?

It can be hard to admit to ourselves that it’s time to replace one of our more expensive appliances. But once you begin to notice signs that point to the end of your heaters lifetime, it’s best to make the switch before it damages other aspects of your home. In this article, we discuss a

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Why is Water Purification Important?

Water is a critical element in any home or business. It allows us to clean and hydrate. What some people do not realize is that water is a medium susceptible to many impurities that can reduce its effectiveness or even harm things it comes into contact with. Water purification is important for the home in

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Why You Should Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are many reasons your drains clog, whether it’s your kitchen sink, your toilet or your bathtub. Some of the factors that contribute the most to clogged drains include: Hair and other stringy items Food particles and eggshells Cooking oil and grease Wipes When you have a clogged drain, the easy solution is to reach

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Spring Cleaning: HVAC & Plumbing

Many homeowners take on the daunting task of spring cleaning each year. They stumble through old clothes, dig through the year-old cans of vegetables and attempt to clean and organize every nook and cranny of their home. However, there are a couple of areas that are generally forgotten during this epic cleaning spree. Two of

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