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What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heating has a number of benefits that more traditional forms of residential heating lack. According to the US Department of Energy, radiant heat is typically more efficient and better for people with allergy sensitivities because it doesn’t distribute allergens, unlike forced air systems. Additionally, depending on the type of radiant heating you use, you could use significantly less electricity or no electricity at all, saving you money and making your home more efficient.

Radiant heating also comes in many forms, all of them providing a unique way to heat your home. Keep reading to learn more about why radiant heating might be the best option for you.

Floor Heating

One of the most popular ways homeowners use radiant heating is with their floors. There are a few different options when it comes to floor installations; you can choose air heated which is one of the least efficient options and is therefore not recommended, electric or hydronic.


Electric radiant floors consist of either cable built into the floor or mats of electrically conductive plastic built into the subfloor. Electric radiant floors are most cost-effective when the user’s electricity company offers time-of-use rates which allow you to charge the concrete floor during off-peak hours. These rates will enable you to store heat for up to 8-10 hours with no further electrical input.

These are also an excellent option for those looking to make an addition to their home but don’t necessarily want to extend their current heating system into their new space!


Hydronic radiant heating is the most popular of the radiant floor heating options because it is the most cost-effective. They work by pumping heated water from a boiler and through tubing that is laid in a pattern underneath the flooring. Depending on the pattern of the tubing, you could even choose to zone heat specific rooms.

These systems are most beneficial for people living off of the grid or those in areas with high electricity prices as they use no electricity to heat your home. Hydronic systems can use a variety of fuel types including gas, oil, wood, solar or a combination of these.

No matter what kind of heating system you currently have or what type of heating system you want to install, JSP Home Services can help you! With over 80 years of service throughout Kingston, we are more than qualified to handle your problems.

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