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Winterizing Your HVAC Unit

If you live in NY, you know the feeling of the sudden onset of winter outside. It is time to turn your HVAC heating unit permanently “on” until spring. However, before you start blasting the heat, you need to know how HVAC maintenance can impact your energy expenses and prolong the life of your HVAC unit. So, If you follow the above suggestions, you will have lower fuel costs, better air quality, and less costly repair bills of your HVAC unit.

Winterizing Your HVAC Unit

Change Your Air Filters

Dirty filters can hamper your unit’s performance. Also, if you change your furnace or heat pump filters regularly, at least once every four to six weeks, you can prolong the life of your unit. If your air filters are dirty, it makes your unit work harder to heat your home. It may sound simple but, it will prevent high energy bills and costly repairs down the road.

Clean Your Air Returns

After constant use to cool your home, you must now switch to the continuous heating of your home. So, you will want to make sure that the dust that has collected on your units vents and air returns are clean and ready for constant use throughout winter. This will make your unit more efficient and give you better overall air quality.

Cut Brush and Debris Around Your Outside Unit

Let’s not forget your outside unit. You can extend your HVAC units life by removing the brush and debris that builds up around your unit outside. If you take care of this now, you will have less preparation to do when summertime rolls back around.

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