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6 Energy-Saving New Year’s Resolutions to Make in 2021

What if we told you that you are only six resolutions away from lower energy bills this year? What’s more, you can start all of these energy-saving resolutions today, and most of them don’t even cost a thing. Ready to get started? Just keep reading!


Resolution 1: I will reduce my lighting costs with LEDs.

Energy Star certified LEDs not only use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lights, but they also last 35 to 50 times longer! You can start by switching out all the bulbs in your home at once, or you can simply replace incandescent bulbs as they burn out.

Resolution 2: I’ll change my HVAC system’s air filter regularly.

Most disposable air filters last only up to 90 days, and that can fly past before you know it. Buy your filters in bulk, and set up reminders on your phone ahead of time to change them so that you can keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible.

Resolution 3: I’ll commit to loading up my dishwasher.

Did you know that washing your dishes by hand actually uses more water and energy than running full loads of dishes through a fairly new dishwasher? You’ll save even more water and energy if your dishwasher is an ENERGY STAR certified model.

Resolution 4: I’ll take shorter showers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend less time shampooing and washing. When you turn on the hot water for a shower, stick close to feel when the temperature is right for getting in, rather than walking away for several minutes while the shower “warms up.”

Resolution 5: I’ll improve my window treatments.

Installing the right window treatments can have a major impact on your heating and cooling costs and comfort, especially in rooms that are prone to getting much hotter or colder than the rest of the house. Opt for energy-efficient window coverings like cellular shades, thermal curtains, or Roman blinds that can block out heat during summer and retain heat during winter.

Resolution 6: I’ll keep up on my HVAC system’s routine maintenance.

Periodically changing the air filter is just one part of HVAC maintenance. Over time, your heating and cooling system accumulates dust and grime and goes through wear and tear. Routine maintenance helps reverse these issues so that your HVAC system can operate efficiently with fewer breakdowns throughout its lifespan. This saves you money now and in the long run.

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