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How to Know If There’s a Hidden Leak in Your Home

Signs You May Have a Hidden Leak

No homeowner wants to deal with any plumbing problems. However, the damage caused by unnoticed issues can be substantial if they’re not addressed in time. When you have a leaking pipe, it typically happens out of sight, behind your walls, and even under your floors.

Here are a few signs to look out for that may indicate that you’re experiencing a leak in your home.

Changes in Your Water Bill

As a homeowner, it’s normal to experience fluctuations in your water bill after you’ve had company or after periods of spending time at home, like you would during the holidays or over the summer.

However, if you notice an abnormal spike in your water bill, this can point to bigger issues than higher water consumption. Compare your bill to previous months; if you notice an abnormally high bill that isn’t related to seasonal or behavioral change, your pipes could be leaking.

Warm Spots on Your Floor

If you’re walking through your home and you feel a warm spot on your floor, it is possible that you have a leak beneath the foundation of your home. The issue with this warning sign is that it is easy to overlook, and can go unnoticed for quite some time. Whether you’ve got a pet or other family members, you may attribute the warmth for someone having been standing or sitting in the spot previously. It’s best to employ the opinion of an experienced plumber to find the leak.

If this type of leak continues to go unaddressed, there is the potential for significant damage to your home’s foundation. If you notice that the warm spot hasn’t gone away and it is coupled with the sound of running water, it is essential that you call a plumber immediately to remedy the issue.

Warped or Discolored Walls

When there is moisture behind your walls, it is natural for them to show signs of damage. Excess humidity can cause them to bubble and crack. Water damage can also cause staining and brown rings to form on your walls and ceiling.

If you notice bubbling, cracking, or discoloration on your walls or ceiling without any other explanation, there is a good chance that you have a leaking or burst pipe behind your walls. You should call a professional plumber for them to properly address the issue and repair the hidden pipe to prevent further damage to your home.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are telltale signs of a leak. Because hidden leaks cause excessive moisture buildup in dark places, they create the optimal breeding ground for mold and mildew spores to thrive.

While this growth can be unsightly and unsettling visually, it can also be detrimental to the health of you or your family members. This is especially the case if you or a family member has asthma or allergies. Some of the issues mold and mildew can cause include:

  • Nasal congestion

  • Nose and throat irritation

  • Eye irritation

  • Respiratory issues like wheezing or asthma attacks

  • Skin irritation if touched

  • Headaches

If you suspect the presence of mold or mildew in your home, it is essential that you address the issue sooner than later to prevent these adverse health effects and the deterioration of your home.

Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant and foul odors can also suggest the presence of a hidden leak in your home. Although mold and mildew can have distinct smells, they can also be misinterpreted and chalked up to other odor-causing culprits in the home. It’s common for leaky pipes to be accompanied by sulfuric smells, sewage stenches, or odors similar to rotten garbage.

If you notice unpleasant odors that come along with any of the aforementioned issues, it’s likely that your home is experiencing a hidden leak. Be sure to call a plumbing company right away to avoid extensive damage behind your walls and the need for costly repairs.

Leak Detection Services in Kingston

Investing in your property by hiring a plumber to check for leaks is always a good idea. Our Kingston plumbers at JSP Home Services can spot and fix a leak before it becomes a detrimental problem. Our company also offers emergency service in case you experience a major leak that just can’t wait until the next day to be repaired. Contact us at (845) 209-1700 to book an appointment!


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