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How Hard Water Impacts Your Water Heater

Hard water is rough on all plumbing fixtures and appliances, but your water heater is especially vulnerable to scale buildup, which drastically erodes efficiency.

Hard water is an equal opportunity offender when it comes to either a gas-powered or an electric water heater — though it affects both in different ways.

How Hard Water Affects Different Types of Water Heaters

For a gas-powered unit, calcium or magnesium-rich water forms a layer of limescale on the base inside the appliance, interfering with the burners which heat water from the bottom up. This means your water heater will work a lot harder to reach your desired degree. You know the results of this — a higher energy bill.

It’s pretty much the same deal with an electric water heater. The minerals buildup on the heating elements, drastically reducing their effectiveness.

Tankless water heaters aren’t immune to the effects of hard water, either. As water passes through the system, minerals drop out of suspension, most of which will be flushed out as more water passes through. They can, however, build up over time, causing the heat exchanger to overheat.

How Does Hard Water Affect Water Heater Performance?

More frequent flushing: We recommend flushing your storage water heater once a year. However, hard water will require you to flush the unit once every three months. This will be necessary to purge the unit of mineral buildup.

Shorter lifespan: Under the best conditions and routine maintenance, you should be able to get at least 20 years out of your appliance. However, if you have hard water, you’ll need to make more frequent repairs — ultimately, leading to a premature breakdown.

Less efficient: Mineral buildup on the burners will rob your system of efficiency, increasing your energy bills. And your showers might not be as comfortable as your appliances struggles to deliver lukewarm water.

Bottom line: To solve your hard water woes once and for all, you need a water softener. For water treatment services, contact JSP Home Services at (845) 209-1700 . We are standing by to assist you with all of your hard water concerns.


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